Girard School of Business

Alumni Profile

Aimee Tsakirellis

In the seven years since she graduated, Aimee Tsakirellis’ roles have included director of marketing at Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods in Ward Hill, reservations manager and marketing manager for Kalloni Beach Villas in Lesvos, Greece, and founder of two start-up food companies. She’s brought all of her entrepreneurial experience into teaching a section of Introduction to Business this semester.

Having previously presented in business classes taught by Professors James Grinnell and Jane Parent, Tsakirellis was ready for her role as an adjunct instructor, which she describes as “bringing in real-world situations and teaching the students how to apply the basic concepts they are learning within the classroom to these circumstances.”

“I love watching the students have that a-ha moment when connecting the material to my stories and experiences” in the food industry and marketing, she said. “A lot of the students have been asking me questions specific to starting a new business, and I think they appreciate and enjoy the dialogue we have based on what has worked and what hasn’t worked for me.” 

Even as a young alumna, she marvels at how new technology has affected how students learn: “The technological revolution has allowed them to become much more aware of business and how it affects them day to day, which is why I believe they are so engaged in class.”

Tsakirellis is passionate about how alumni can repay the Girard School.

“Girard was our very first step in our business journey, and this cannot be forgotten,” she said. “Anything we can share to help develop the careers and paths of today’s students – whether it be teaching, presenting, or speaking to a class – can be life-changing for them.”