• Sadegh Asgari

Sadegh Asgari, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Inspiring leader

From his childhood LEGO set to his first bridge, Dr. Sadegh Asgari has long been interested in solving engineering problems. Fascinated by the complexity of large scale infrastructure projects, he later took an interest in strategic management and leadership.

He teaches in the Master of Science in Civil Engineering program as well as the Master of Science in Engineering Management program.  Professor Asgari teaches courses on project management, decision science, optimization, simulation, sustainable infrastructure systems, and construction planning and management.

When he’s not teaching, Professor Asgari spends time researching the application of information technology, operations research, economics, and systems engineering on large-scale infrastructure projects and the sustainable design and operation of smart cities.

“We focus only on what matters for our students’ professional success in this ever-changing world. Students don’t want to be in a huge sea where no one sees them. Here, everyone is connected and supported. Students feel noticed.”

Igniting Innovation

To help students build the problem-solving skills they need to address managerial problems, Professor Asgari uses case studies based on real projects and companies. Coursework also includes a project and research.

What is your area of your research and interest?

Infrastructure is the theme of my research. Using technology or having better management to help infrastructure development. Financing development is a problem. I am interested in how we can close the huge multi-trillion dollar gap in financing development before we reach the point of no return in our infrastructure.

What do you like about teaching?

I believe teaching is about inspiration. In addition to being the source of information for students, I try to inspire my students. One of the best ways to keep learning is to teach.

What is your favorite engineering marvel?

The Suez Canal. It had a different level of impact and it changed lives. For 1000 years that canal was a huge relief for Africa.

“Many of my students tell me that their favorite aspect of our graduate engineering programs is the sense of community. Everyone is connected and supported. You feel noticed.”

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