• Anthony DiCarlo

Anthony DiCarlo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Real-World Insights

A former department chief engineer at MITRE Corporation where he worked for more than 10 years, DiCarlo brings real-world problem-solving and leadership experience to his students. 

His recent paper was accepted at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Power & Energy Conference and he has also submitted a proposal on 3D printing customized hardware – specifically, a 3D printed knee implant that behaves more like a real knee and is less rigid than today’s knee implants. 

Professor DiCarlo teaches in both the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and the Master of Science in Engineering Management program. He helps students bridge their technical expertise with the skills needed to expertly manage complex projects and teams.

“Students get one-on-one interaction from our faculty. They have opportunities to build their networking while learning alongside seasoned professionals and faculty, and access to invaluable technical tools to help them become a successful technical leader.

Igniting Innovation

“I know it can be tough on students sitting in a four hour class, especially if they have worked all day. In our design course, rather than a long lecture, our students present their ideas and designs to the class as if they are presenting in a business where they work.  I treat it as if I am their boss and we go through five design reviews in the course. Students learn from me and from each other, not only about the material, but how it feels in a real company doing real work.”

Why should students consider a master’s degree at Merrimack College?

“With our state-of-the-art labs and access to today’s computational tools, our students can build sophisticated virtual prototypes to explore the merit of their own technical designs and phenomena in physics.  With our onsite 3-D printers, their virtual designs can be built and tested for near immediate design validation. They also can build their soft skills, such as communicating effectively and leading teams.”   

What are some of the projects that your engineering students have presented?

  • A quad copter device that could potentially transport people from one destination to another, designed with motors to yield maximum power and aerodynamics that would support transit.
  • An efficient automobile with a better air intake component – the student who designed that solution is now working with an external company to test a prototype.

“When students want to try to build something crazy, we encourage them to be creative and think out of the box. Then they have to supply the equations to make sure it will actually work.”

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