Michaele Morrow


  • Associate Vice President: Career Advising & Professional Development

Additional title(s)

  • Managing Director of the Bouchard Center
  • Ph.D., Accounting, Texas Tech University - Rawls College of Business
  • Combined B.B.A. and M.P.A., Accounting, West Texas A&M University College of Business
  • Certified Public Accountant since 2003, State of Texas


Recent Publications:

December 17, 2018: Tax Notes (161(12): 1452-1455)
Salvaging Deductions – Self-Rental After the TCJA
(with Craig Pellet and Mitchell Franklin)

December 10, 2018: Tax Notes (161(11): 1340 – 1348)
Taxpayers Just Want Tax-Deductible Fun; Congress Ends the Party
(with Mitchell Franklin)

2018:  Advances in Accounting Education
Is a Current Year IRA Deduction the Best Long-Term Tax Strategy?
(with Mitchell Franklin)

2018: Journal of the American Taxation Association (40(2): 1-19)
Do Consumer-Directed Tax Credits Effectively Encourage Green Investment? Experimental Evidence of Conditional Success
(with Shane Stinson, Beau Barnes and Steve Buchheit)

August 27, 2018: Tax Notes  (160(9): 1215-1229)
Sneaky Increases to Individual Tax Liability: Ignored Provisions in the TCJA 2017
(with Mitchell Franklin)

August 6, 2018: Tax Notes  (160(6): 803-811)
The “S” is a Mess: A Case for Eliminating the S-Corporation Election
(with Craig Pellet and Mitchell Franklin)

August 2018:  The Tax Adviser
The Art of Pecha Kucha: From the Classroom to the Boardroom

2018: Behavioral Research in Accounting (30(1): 75-98)
Tax Incentives and Target Demographics: Are Tax Incentives Effective in the Healthcare Market?
(with Shane Stinson and Marcus Doxey)


Research in Progress:
Budgeting for Now and Saving for the Future: Which Job is the Best Choice? 
(with Mitchell Franklin)

The Effect of PRE on Past, Present and Future Earnings Growth of Multinational Corporations
(with Zhan Furner and Robert Ricketts)

Does a Tax Reduce Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption?
(with Jacob Suher and Ashley West)

Teaching Tax Research by Bad Example: A Twist on the Classic Tax Research Case
(with Mitchell Franklin)

Individualism or Collectivism: Which One Leads to Better U.S. Tax  Compliance?
(with Tracey Riley)

Time to Face the State Changes After TJCA 2017
(with Mitchell Franklin and Rebekah Moore)

I Want to Break Free: How to Run a Volunteer Tax Prep Center Without VITA
(with Mitchell Franklin)


Recent Media Mentions:

March 2019: The Mercury News—How much did Netflix and Amazon pay in U.S. taxes last year?

January 2019: Bschools.org—10 Exceptional Taxation MBA Professors, from 5 Notable Schools

September 2018: NPR Marketplace—U.S. companies are bringing cash home, but not as much as President Trump predicted

January 2018: NPR Marketplace—Pity the tax bills of America’s multinationals.

November 2017: The Boston Globe—Tax plan could hit Boston-area homebuyers. If it happens.

October 2017: BU Daily Free Press—Boston releases Amazon bid, sees competition from Worcester, New Hampshire

Boston Business Journal 2019 40 Under 40 Honoree

Fall 2018: Sawyer Business School Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research

Spring 2018: Suffolk University Student Government Association Outstanding SBS Faculty of the Year

Fall 2017: Sawyer Business School Dean’s Award for Excellence in Service

Spring 2013: Favorite Professor, NU Cauldron Yearbook

Spring 2012: Favorite Professor, NU Cauldron Yearbook