• Caitin Limoli
    Caitin Limoli

Caitlin Limoli

M.Ed., Teacher Education, expected 2021
B.S., Child, Family & Community Studies, 2019

Working day and night 

By day, Caitlin Limoli is a substitute teacher in the Haverhill (MA) public schools, gaining meaningful experience teaching students a variety of subjects at different grade levels. With aspirations to become an elementary school teacher in her own classroom, Caitlin says, “It is great way for me to find which age I connect with most.”

By night, Limoli recently completed her bachelor’s degree at Merrimack in the 24-month Child, Family & Community Studies program. She is staying at Merrimack and is now pursuing a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction, with a concentration in moderate disabilities.

“Merrimack College is definitely more affordable than I thought it would be. While looking at my transfer options I was considering a state school. But after visiting Merrimack and getting the financial information, it seemed like a no-brainer to attend Merrimack.”

Making friends and long-lasting memories

The tuition costs for her bachelor’s degree at Merrimack included extras such as free dinner and textbooks, making it easier to determine the real cost of the program without encountering any surprises, she said. 

Because all of students in the program started their 24-month program together, they often grabbed dinner together and engaged in discussion before classes began, says Caitlin. 

Some of her favorite memories, says Caitlin, “are having dinner before class with my now best friends.”

She says she very much felt part of the Merrimack community, working out several times each week at the gym and visiting the library frequently.

“Being part of a cohort model was the best. We all became close and got to know each other so well,” Limoli said. “It’s great knowing everyone in the class because if you had any questions, there were a bunch of people to call or text. We were all willing to help each other out—like family.” 

Caitlin feels that the professors she had in the Child, Family and Community Studies program understand the demands students have in terms of balancing other jobs, volunteer and family commitments. Professors like Stuart Robertson were particularly supportive in understanding busy work schedules, she said. 

“Professor Robertson was so kind and caring. He was approachable—any question you had, you felt comfortable to ask.”

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