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The Sociological Imagination

The objectives of this introductory course are: (1) to cultivate the sociological perspective by acquainting students with basic sociological theories, methods, concepts and findings; (2) to use the basic concepts and principles of sociology to examine the various sectors of social life; and, (3) to develop an awareness of how and why social forces influence the experiences of everyday life. The course usually begins with a brief review of sociology’s historical origin, its major theoretical perspectives and its various research methodologies. The nature of culture, social interaction, group dynamics, bureaucracy, socialization, deviance, crime, urbanization, collective behavior, and social change are some of the topics studied. The course also explores some of the institutions of society, such as the family, the political economy, religion, education, and the medical system. A central focus of the course is understanding the nature of social inequality as it exists in the United States and across the globe in terms of age, gender, race, and social class. Satisfies a Social Science distribution requirement.  Fulfills a SOSC requirement in LS Core.


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01/16/2020 - 05/08/2020

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