Laura Hsu, Ed.D.


Ed.D., Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University
M.Ed., Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University
B.A., Psychology, University of California, Berkeley


Laura Hsu has held a variety of positions in educational settings, including as a consultant for a K-12 inner-city charter school’s student-support team that addressed students with academic, social-emotional and behavioral issues. She has also served as a tutor at AmeriCorps, afterschool settings and a medium-security prison; an English teacher in China; an assistant professor of psychology at a community college; and a teaching fellow for graduate students in education. 

Hsu’s primary research looks at how young adults’ self-concepts are shaped by various attachment figures, and how these self-concepts are integrated into a coherent identity.  

Her second line of research focuses on how the psychological process of aging can affect physical measures, and how reframing one’s thoughts about aging can improve one’s mental and physical health.