Kevin E. Finn ’02

Academic Title

  • Professor and Associate Dean, Health Sciences

Administrative Support

  • Injury Prevention
  • Pedagogy in Higher Education
  • Physical Education

My primary research interest focuses on physical activity promotion and STEM learning in children. I work closely with school and after-school programs to implement effective strategies to increase physical activity and improve academic performance. I am currently a co-investigator on the initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop a national program called Active Science, which integrates physical activity, technology and academic achievement in school-age children. Other areas of research focus on the effects of pedagogical tools utilized in the college classroom to promote student learning and perceptions in science. In particular, I have implemented personal response systems (clickers), peer-led team learning, integrated lecture and laboratory experiences in science courses to improve student knowledge and perceptions. I also conduct clinical research examining the effects of biomechanical factors on runners. Specifically, I assess gait, muscular strength and other factors to determine associations with injury.

  • Ed.D. Physical Education Boston University
  • M.A. Curriculum and Instruction Fairfield University
  • B.S. Sports Medicine Merrimack College
  • Biomechanics of Running
  • Physical Activity Promotion in Children
  • Teaching and Learning in Science Education

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  • Fellow, American College of Sports Medicine, 2017
  • Fellow, Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibility, 2012