Anne F. Boxberger Flaherty

Academic Title

  • Associate Professor and Department Chair, Political Science

Additional Titles

  • Associate Director, Master of Public Affairs
  • American Indian/ Native American Politics
  • Indigenous Politics
  • American Politics
  • Intergovernmental Politics
  • Interdisciplinary Teaching 

Anne Flaherty’s research focuses on indigenous peoples’ politics, primarily Native nations in the United States. Her publications include research on media and political perceptions of Indian gaming, issues of race and citizenship in the Cherokee nation, and intergovernmental conflict and cooperation between states and Native nations over jurisdiction for taxation. Forthcoming work explores the role of presidential attention and rhetoric in shaping outcomes for federal Indian policy.

  • Ph.D. Political Science Duke University
  • M.A. Political Science Duke University
  • M.A. Peace and Conflict Studies University of Sydney
  • B.A. Political Science and International Studies University of Richmond
  • American Indian/ Native American Politics
  • Intergovernmental Relations
  • Music and Politics
  • Presidential Rhetoric
  • Immigration and Refugee Policies


  • Flaherty, Anne F. Boxberger.  2017. States, American Indian Nations, and Intergovernmental Politics: Sovereignty, Conflict, and the Uncertainty of Taxes. New York, New York:  Routledge (Taylor and Francis).

Recent Articles:

  • Pruett, Laura Moore and Anne Boxberger Flaherty. 2018. “Trax in the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Classroom.” American Music, 35 (4): 531-536.

  • Flaherty, Anne F. Boxberger.  2016. “Indigenous Peoples’ Land Rights and Justice in Botswana” Indigenous Policy Journal. 27 (1).

  • Flaherty, Anne F. Boxberger and Carly Hayden Foster.  2015. “Gateway to Equality:  University Women, Race, and Civil Rights in St. Louis, 1940-1960.”  Women’s History Review.  24 (2): 191-214.