Katelyn Fisher


  • Graduate Ambassador, M.S., Criminology and Criminal Justice

Having loved her undergraduate experience, Katelyn Fisher is continuing her education at Merrimack in the Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice program. As an undergraduate student at Merrimack College working towards a double major in psychology and criminology and criminal justice, Katelyn took advantage of the Double Warrior program and began her graduate degree during the fall of her senior year.

Unsure of exactly what field she wanted to pursue her master’s degree in, she took a course in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program before fully enrolling in a program. While she enjoyed the Clinical Mental Health Counseling course, she determined that Criminology and Criminal Justice was the route she could personally see herself pursuing a career in. Currently in the Criminology and Criminal Justice program, Katelyn holds the position of being a Presidential Fellow working with the Office of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Merrimack. As a fellow Katelyn works to research internship opportunities for undergraduate students, assists the project manager in student career advising and other administrative tasks.

Contact Katelyn if you’re interested in the fellowship process, the Double Warrior program, or the Criminology and Criminal Justice program!