Sophomore Portfolio Review

This course is for no-credit, but is required coursework for all sophomore-level students in the Graphic Design major. There is no class time. You must submit a portfolio with a required number of projects. Your portfolio must be submitted after you pass the following prerequisite courses with a minimum grade of a 2.0: FAA 2830 Layout Analysis and Construction, FAA 2840 - Image Making and Meaning, and FAA 2860 - Graphic Design I. If you follow the recommended Graphic Design Program of Study you should submit your portfolio during winter break in your sophomore year. The portfolio is a compilation of graphic design work and other studio coursework. The requirements of the portfolio are presented to you at the beginning of each of the prerequisite courses. Your portfolio is graded on a pass/no pass basis. Successful completion is necessary for you to continue in the Graphic Design major. It also provides an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses as you begin your higher-level coursework. Faculty/School Approval for enrollment in this course.


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Nancy Wynn




Online - Asynchronous

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01/04/2020-01/20/2021 (2 weeks)

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