Intro to Human Disease

The course will offer an introduction to human disease appropriate for students of all majors. The human body is a masterpiece of art. The more one understands the functioning of the body, the greater appreciation one has for it. Disease states, the body’s natural attempts to right what is wrong and the compensatory actions involved will be discussed. The general mechanisms of disease as well as specific body systems will be discussed from a human- interest point of view. The course focuses on basic medical concepts that are useful to every student and encourages them to become a medical advocate for themselves or for family members. It is so important to understand doctors and your health care plan, to be able to ask important questions, and to know what questions to ask. In addition, the course will cover many diseases that are ‘in the news’ and allow the student to gain some knowledge and insight into the myths and facts surrounding these diseases. Fulfills: STEM in LS Core.


Health Sciences


Health Sciences

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Becky Socha




Online - Asynchronous

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01/04/2020-01/20/2021 (2 weeks)

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