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Graduate Programs

Cait Goffman

Caitlin Goffman ’16 taught anatomy lectures, created and proctored examinations, prepared assignments and lesson plans, and taught injury evaluation techniques to undergraduate athletic training students at Merrimack.  It was all part of her graduate fellowship which led her to a Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science in just one year.

Caitlin gained essential hands-on experience in her field.  Working under the supervision of Merrimack’s Director of Sports Medicine, she also led laboratory courses, which include instructing how to complete the history, observation, palpation and special tests portions of the evaluation and assessment of injuries and illnesses for the active population. 

This isn’t Caitlin’s first experience on the Merrimack campus. In 2012, she received her undergraduate degree from Merrimack in athletic training – a program that offered hands-on experience every day through clinical rotations.

“I knew the fellowship opportunity was going to be just as beneficial as my undergraduate experience at Merrimack,” says Caitlin. “It was absolutely the right decision for me and it was such an amazing opportunity. I am now able to provide my knowledge and experience to the students in the seat that I once sat in.” 

Caitlin hopes to continue her work within the higher education setting as a lecturer, clinical instructor, and program advisor in athletic training, sports medicine and health sciences. She also intends to pursue an advanced degree at the doctorate level. 

“I truly don’t believe there is a better fellowship option than the one I was in to prepare me for my future goals, and I cannot express how beneficial the Health Sciences Graduate Program fellowship opportunity has been for me. I couldn’t imagine getting my master’s degree anywhere but Merrimack College.” 


Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science, 2016