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Marie Delarbre

Major/concentration: Business Administration, Sport Management; French minor

Hometown: Fussen, Germany

Plans after graduation and long-term career aspirations: Get a Masters in Management here at Merrimack and become a Sports Manager for a sports team in the future.

Why did you choose your major? I’ve always wanted to be a Sports Manager and learn more about the importance of sports in the economy. 

Have you done any internships? I did an internship in Supply Chain Management with Adidas last summer and I am an internship with the Islanders Hockey Club this spring. I will be assisting with the development and implementation of marketing campaigns, new marketing strategies, and assisting in the maintenance of digital and social media platforms. 

What was your favorite class in the Girard School? Sports Marketing

Have you found someone in the Girard School to be particularly helpful as you make important decisions about courses or your career? Sports Management Professor Taesoo Ahn has helped me a lot with choosing courses. 

What activities outside of the classroom have contributed to your overall success? I’m a member of the Merrimack Women’s Ice Hockey team. Being part of a D1 hockey team taught me how to manage time well and be a good student. 

Tell us something interesting about you. I have been to 14 different countries.