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Graduate Programs

Jane Walsh

Jane Walsh ’16, a graduate of the Health and Wellness Management graduate program, worked with an internal medicine team at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates Atrius Health on a project to reduce the amount of time physicians spend doing paperwork at home, therefore decreasing possible physician burnout in the field. As a graduate intern, Jane worked to organize and implement standards for work across the department for physicians as well as their support staff.

When creating standard work for the medical assistants, Jane needed to include all of the medical assistants to make sure she develops the most accurate and accepted piece of work possible. She also needed to take into account the goals of Harvard Vanguard and Atrius Health, making sure that the piece of standard work meets their expectations as far as quality and service.

“I learned a lot about working with a department at a whole,” said Walsh. “There was a lot going on behind-the-scenes at a doctor’s visit, and I liked being one of the people who can help make it flow smoothly.”

When Jane was not fulfilling her 15 to 20 hours a week at her internship, she worked another 18 hours at a dermatology clinic gaining additional experience in a medical office setting.

“The dermatology clinic was my first “foot-in-the-door” position into the health care system and it’s nice to have the experience in a small specialty clinic to compare with my internship at a larger, more corporate, primary care physicality,” says Jane.

Jane’s internship at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates Atrius Health was closely related to the type of position she would like to work in, specifically in an operations management/project coordination capacity for a healthcare clinic or hospital.

“I like working in the service industry,” says Jane. “I know a lot of people don’t think the medical field and the service industry are similar, but they’re both serving the same population, and ultimately working to make the lives of others easier, better, and more enjoyable.”


Intern, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates Atrius Health


Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management, 2016