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Unity House Council

Unity House

As a part of the Office of Multicultural Initiatives, the Unity House is the center of student engagement within the realm of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

With a focus on promoting awareness, advocacy and ally-ship, students can become involved with any of our student-led affinity organizations, participate in our campus-wide events, educate themselves through our training on DEI concepts, and receive coaching and mentorship from professional staff.

Our Vision

  • Ensure a inclusive social climate to all identities and affinities.
  • Develop champions of advocacy within student, faculty and staff groups.
  • Create a strong, active network of individuals and groups from currently underrepresented populations and their allies.
  • Build a community of scholars at Merrimack who welcome diversity of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and perspectives.

Unity House Council

The Unity House (UH) and its leadership team, the Unity House Coordinators (UHC), under the direction of the Office of Multicultural Initiatives (OMI), seek to be active and engaged leaders in the continued enhancement of social inclusion at Merrimack College. We aim to increase understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion through education and involvement. The UHC recognizes its social responsibility to the Merrimack College community and will continuously strive to provide a platform for underrepresented students. To that effect, the UHC initiates and supports any efforts or causes put forward by members of diversity groups on campus that are parallel with the UH’s mission. The UH is a safe and brave space on campus, maintained by the UHC and OMI Professional Staff. Its primary goal is establishing, developing, and maintaining an active network of engaged community members from various campus constituents in the ongoing work towards social justice.

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To be a candidate for the Unity House Coordinator position, you must:

Current Council Members

Julissa Bejar ’23Max Beland ’24
Shania Berard ’25Erin Carroll ’24
Dahlia Garcia ’25Cintia Khouzami ’23
Jackie Rosney ’23Fiona Twomey ’23

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