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Students present research at 6th Annual NURDS

March 25, 2014
In early March, 9 Merrimack students attended the Northeast Undergraduate Research and Development Symposium (NURDS 2014).

The 6th Annual Northeast Undergraduate Research and Development Symposuim (NURDS 2014) was held at the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. The conference was open to all undergraduate students in the New England region and Atlantic Canada, engaged in independent research in all fields including life sciences, natural sciences, humanities, or social sciences. The following Merrimack College students either presented a poster or gave a talk:

Identifying Inhibitors for the Treatment of Histoplasmosis- Molly McKenna; Allison Connors (Honors); Brianna O’Donnell (Honors)

Using Covalent Inhibitors to Target DprE1in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis - Kristin Anderson

Synthesis of Covalent Sorafenib Analogs- Arjan Nekoie

HDAC2 inhibition using FDA approved compounds: influencing memory - James Callens

Using Fluorogenic Probes to Detect Tuberculosis -Judy Nguyen; Camila PachonPosada

Investigation the Effects of Environmentally Realistic Herbicide and Pharmaceutical Expose on Hormone Concentrations in Fish - Edward O’Mara

When the conference participants were asked about their experience at the conference:

  • Edward O’Mara replied, “The conference was a great experience because it allowed us to see what other undergraduates at different schools were doing for research.
  • James Callens replied, “I thought that the conference was a great experience! Along with presenting my own research, it was very pleasing to meet with multi-national students and the plethora of studies being done. If I had another chance, I would certainly attend the conference again.”
  • Briana O’Donnell replied, “The NURDS conference was a great experience. I personally think this helped me build my confidence and my public speaking skills.  I was able to present the research I worked on this past summer and learn about other projects students from all over have been working on.

For more information about the NURDS 2014 conference please visit:

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  • Merrimack College students at NURDS 2014
    Merrimack College students at NURDS 2014

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