At the O’Brien Center for Career Development, our goal is to provide employers value-added services that streamline your recruiting efforts. We rely on the support of employers like you to help fulfill these initiatives, and to provide your company or organization with access to top Merrimack College talent. As you look to attract new talent, please consider the following:

Ask an Employer 

Direct contact to Merrimack talent in an informal setting. Build your organizational brand on campus while also providing career advice to students.

Employer Panel Discussions 

Talk about your organization and industry, while sharing personal insights into your own education and career path.

Employer in Residence Program

Volunteer your expertise during mock interview sessions. Serve on our employer resume critique rotation. The opportunity to develop students professionally is invaluable - students want to hear from you!

Industry Specific Fairs

Brand your organization on campus, engage with the Merrimack College community, and connect with students through Merrimack College’s spring career fair and industry-specific career events. These events provide direct exposure to students and faculty through unique interpersonal engagements. In addition to marketing for your organization, Merrimack College’s industry-specific events allow you to foster deeper connections on-campus and engage future interns, coops, and full-time hires sooner in their academic careers. 

Internships and Cooperative Education Opportunities

Internships and cooperative education opportunities (co-ops) allow students to apply classroom knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. There, they gain valuable work experience, hone their talents, and learn more about their chosen field. Highly effective recruiting tools, co-ops, and internships allow you to evaluate an individuals’ abilities and long-term potential. 

Externship Experience

Host a student at your organization for short-term learning opportunities. Choose 2-week; one-week; or one-day placements. Engage students on various levels of your organization while utilizing young talent to move your organization forward.

Please call 978-837-5480 or email to discuss which of the above works best with your recruitment schedule or to share your ideas for other activities.