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O’Brien Center for Career Development

Following Up After the Interview

Review your notes. What was your impression? Did you leave the interview feeling as if you can envision a future in this occupation or were you discouraged—you do not feel you learned enough about the occupation or the job description doesn’t sound very appealing anymore?

Follow up on suggestions the individual made, whether it is tips on your resume, additional research, or connecting with a contact they gave you.  File your notes away in an organized manner so that you can find them later on, should you want to reference them.

Take your thoughts and concerns to the O’Brien Center staff and get feedback on the next step to take in your career exploration. You may want to do additional informational interviews in this career path or you may want to re-examine your goals and find a different path for your interests.

No matter what you decide, send a thank-you note to anyone you interview. Whether you decide to move forward with that career path or find another one, this professional may be a good person to network with when you begin your job search.