Girard School of Business


Boualem Kezim

Academic Title

Associate Professor, Management


  • Ph.D.,  Boston University
  • M.A.,  Boston University
  • B.S.,  University of Algiers

Recent Publications

Corbet, J. J., Kezim, B., & Stewart, J. (2010). “Student Perceptions of Value Added in an Active Learning Experience: Producing, Reviewing and Evaluating a Sales Team Video Presentation.” American Journal of Business Education, 3 (6), 11-18.

Pariseau, S. E. & Kezim, B. (2007). “The Effect of Using Case Studies in Business Statistics.” Journal of Education for Business, 83 (1), 27-31.

Kezim, B., Pariseau, S. E., & Quinn, F. (2005). “Is Grade Inflation Related to Faculty Status?” Journal of Education for Business, 80 (6), 358-363.