Together for Good
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Unity House

Our Story

What’s Our Story?

The Unity House development and implementation reflects the larger institution’s trajectory of responding to the imperative of a community reflecting and celebrating multiculturalism. The story unfolds as follows:

Fall 2001

Gay-Straight Alliance forms.

Fall 2006

African, Latino, Asian, Native American (ALANA) forms.


Upon his arrival, President Hopey initiates a renewed institutional commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Spring 2013

Inaugural Social Justice Week. 

Fall 2013

Interfaith Alliance forms. 

Fall 2015

Black Student Association forms.

Winter 2016

The concept of a Unity House is born.

Spring 2016

Initial efforts to build the house begin with students, faculty and staff allies.

Gender Equality at Merrimack forms.

Spanish and Latino Student Association forms.

Summer 2016

The multicultural initiatives office is created.

Fall 2016

Unity House Task Force meets for the first time.

27 Rockridge Road is identified as the physical space for the Unity House.

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

The task force begins work on the team and the house.

April 27, 2017

The Unity House Preview.

Summer 2017

Physical house renovations.

Fall 2017

Grand opening.