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The Academic Success Center

Second Tuesday First Year Advising Meetings

September 12th, 2017


The Second Tuesday First Year Advising Meeting  takes place on the the second Tuesday of the semester at 4:00 pm during the free block.


The primary goal is to give first year students an opportunity to meet their primary advisor earlier than they do now.

The Academic Success Center will centrally organize this endeavor. This includes the marketing, securing spaces, communicating with faculty, students, and Orientation staff. Please note the following:


1- At 4:00 pm on the second Tuesday of the fall semester  - 9/12/17 this coming year - faculty who have first year advisees will meet with a group of their advisees. These meetings can run from 20 - 40 minutes at the discretion of the faculty advisor.


2- This meeting will take place in the faculty office - if the group is small enough - or in a classroom.


3- Students will be emailed the time and location of the meeting and they will be handed a sheet with this information during Fall Orientation. It will be on the Orientation brochure and the web. It will also be presented to students during their first FYE meeting. Faculty will be emailed the location in August and a web-page will be created with the information.


4- The Second Tuesday First Year Advising Meeting serves as an opportunity for advisors to:

  • introduce themselves and the major


  • set the tone of their advising relationship ( ie. Responsibilities of each party)


  • create a warm and welcoming environment


  • create a point of contact - especially helpful for students at increased risk


  • make it clear how advisors are not HS guidance counselors


  • start off the relationship NOT with course scheduling as the focus


  • present other information as the advisor deems appropriate


  • make the personal connection that may be the reason why the student sticks with a certain major  


5- While most students will meet directly with their faculty advisor for the whole time, departments and schools are free to adjust how the event takes place. For instance, one department may choose to spend the first 15 minutes with all new majors in one place with all department members and then break out into groups by advisor. The default will be that students meet as a group only with their specific faculty advisor.  

The following arrangements have already been made with individual schools/departments:

The School of Business will be splitting the class into three large groups (1-Management, Human Resources, Undeclared Business{BBA}; 2- Marketing, International Business and Sports Management; 3- Accounting and Finance) where both faculty from those departments and members of the professional advising staff and the Dean’s office will be present.


The School of Education and Social Policy will have all first year students meet as one large group to hear from the Dean and administrative staff and then students will be split off into small groups to meet with their specific faculty advisor.


Health Sciences will be meeting with their students as one large group before splitting off so that students can meet with their specific advisor.

The central goal should be that students meeting with their actual advisor.  


6- Our hope is that all faculty advising first year students can make the event. If a faculty advisor can’t make it, a backup system will be created where the Dean or Associate Dean in the School or the Chair meets with those students.

Please contact Peter Ellard, Dean of Student Success and Academic Support, with questions or comments and for additional
information at or 978-837-5755.