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McCoy Gallery

McCoy Gallery

Ernest Montenegro: “flatmensquared” 


Using bronze and stainless steel, Ernest Montenegro presents figurative sculptures that segment and capture the movement and gestures of his human subjects. The steel elements are open-ended boxes within which the bronze figures are literally framed or compartmentalized.

“flatmensquared” in their boxed condition offer an opportunity to consider our own kinds of limits that may be imposed on us from the outside or may be based within our own self-limitations.

The artist does not name or title his sculptures, instead he encourages the viewer to imagine their own titles or narratives as a way of contributing meaning themselves. This consideration, called relational aesthetics, asserts that meanings, which begin with the making of an artwork, become more fully realized by a viewers’s thoughtful response. Artist and viewer become collaborators.


Coming Soon

  • ERNESTO MONTENEGRO: Flatmensquared, Sculpture, March 20-April 16, 2017, reception April 2, 3:30 - 5:00
  • 2017 VISUAL ARTS STUDENT EXHIBITION, April 22-June 30, 2017