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International Programs

International Student Profiles

Name: Meina Wang

Home Country: China

Major: Business

Student Involvement: MORE Retreat, ALANA, Relay for life, Working for the fitness center and campus post office, concert choir. MPB.

“My favorite thing about America is shopping and favorite thing about Merrimack is the More retreat.”


Name: Max Zhang

Home Country: China

Major: Marketing

Student Involvement: Resident Advisor, SGA E-Board, World peer E-Board

“My favorite thing about being in the US and Merrimack is the people, especially in Merrimack College, people are so friendly and easy going here!”


Name: Shakee Messina

Home Country: Caracas/Venezuela

Major: Business Administration with double concentration in Marketing and Sports Management

Student Involvement: MC Women’s Tennis Team, SIE (Business Honors Society), SGA (Student Government Association), SAAC (Student-Athlete Committee).

“There are a lot of things that I like about the US, but my favorite one is the change of seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn). Back home we only have two seasons and it is nice to live and experience something different.”

Name: Dancheng Zou

Home Country: China

Major: Digital design

Student Involvement: Peer tutor in Writing Center of the Mcquade library

“My favorite thing about being in the US is that I joined an exhibition about video games in Boston, is it gives me opportunities to get involved entertainment exhibitions or creative thinking. At Merrimack, I think my favorite thing is the food in Sparky’s, because it is better than usual fast food, such as McDonald’s.”

Name: Cristina Bertolez

Home Country: Venezuela

Major: Health Science

“My favorite thing about being in the USA is that nobody judges you and they are always kind with you no matter what. American people have beautiful values and that is something I treasure. The best thing about being in Merrimack is that I get to know everyone and it has an amazing environment full of joy and harmony. I love being here!”

Name: Grace Messina

Home Country: Venezuela

Major: International Business

Student Involvement: Tennis team

“My favorite thing about being in the US and Merrimack is the fact to interact with new different cultures and make new friends.”