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World Languages and Cultural Studies

World Languages & Cultural Studies

Welcome! Bienvenue! Benvenuti! Bienvenidos!

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your knowledge of another language for academic or professional purposes?
  • Are you curious about other cultures, other countries or about your own cultural and linguistic heritage?
  • Do you want to travel or to study and work abroad?  
  • Would you like to simply learn to communicate in another language?

A highly valued asset in today’s global workplace, second language study provides students with opportunities and experiences that are not available to individuals who are proficient in only one language.  Gaining competency in a second language exposes students to systems of thought and expression different from their own, introducing them to new ideas, customs, habits, and values.  In so doing, second language study helps fulfill one of the core components of the mission/vision of Merrimack College, which calls for students to develop global awareness through knowledge and experience of diverse cultures.  Moreover, in the process of acquiring a second language, students develop the ability and sensitivity to see their own set of cultural norms from an entirely new perspective, thus broadening their view of the world and appreciation of differences.  Language study also fosters the understanding of grammar structures in one’s native language, improves oral and written skills, and affords a deeper awareness of the dynamics of communicative exchanges.

Advanced knowledge of a world language may be applied to a variety of careers in Communications, Business, Health, Government and Social services, Education, Science, and Travel, among others. Studying another language also:

  • improves your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary;
  • increases your cognitive and verbal skills;
  • prepares you to interact successfully with people of different cultures in an increasingly globalized environment.

Combined with other professional skills, your knowledge of a second language gives you an edge in a challenging job market, and yes, it makes you smarter!

The Department of World Languages & Cultural Studies is a partnership of programs dedicated to the study of cultures and to advancing the knowledge of some of the most widely used languages in today’s world. The department currently offers an undergraduate major and minor in French, Romance Languages, and Spanish.

The Department of World Languages & Cultural Studies is committed to the development of students’ linguistic and intercultural competence through a curriculum that fosters the multiple connections between language, culture, and their applications to other disciplines. While promoting an international perspective, coursework and other activities enable students to become linguistically and culturally competent language users who can employ their knowledge and skills for academic and professional purposes, as well as for personal enrichment.

The Department of World Languages & Cultural Studies offers a variety of courses and programs that help language students at all levels (from absolute beginners to heritage speakers) strengthen their linguistic skills, expand their understanding of the world, and connect different disciplines together.  Our faculty is trained to provide students with a unique set of international and interdisciplinary cultural opportunities designed to broaden their cultural horizons, enhance their intellectual flexibility, and increase their adaptability in the context of an ever-changing global workplace.

Would you like to see the present and future course offerings? Download the course catalog and go to page 259 to find your Program.