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Winter Session

January 2 - January 19, 2018

Last day to register for a winter course is December 20th.

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Due to the demanding format of winter session it is highly recommended that students only register for one course.
COM3527C A Principles of Public Relations Online 4   *
EDU2500C A Pre-Practicum I Online 0   *
EDU2510C A Pre-Practicum II Online 0   *
FAA1310C A A Nature of Music Online 4 HU/AL/X *
FAA1320C A History of Rock and Roll Online 4 HU/AL/X *
FAA3800C A Portfolio Review Online 4 GD Students Only *
GEN2060C A Environmental Geology Online 4 STEM *
HSC2300C A Nutrition, Diet, & Health Online 4 STEM/MS *
HSC2300C B Nutrition, Diet, & Health Online 4 STEM/MS *
HSC3302C A Intro to Public Health Online 4 STEM/X/MS *
HSC4850C A Health Science Internship Online 4 X *
HSC4850C A Health Science Internship II Online 4 X *
PHL1000C A Introduction to Philosophy Online 4 PHL *
PHL2020WC A Perspectives on the Good Life Online 4 E/W *
POL1500C A Comparative Politics Online 4 SS/SOSC/D *
PSY1000C A Introduction to Psychology Online 4 SOSC *
PSY2400C A Personality Online 4 SS/SOSC *
PSY3410C A Abnormal Psychology Online 4 SS/SOSC *
RTS1100C A Christianity in Context Online 4 RTS *
SME1104C A Intro to Physical Activity, Fitness & Wellness Online 4 STEM/MS *
SOC1900C A Addictive Society Online 4   *
WGS1010C A Gender and Society Online 4 SOSC/D *
WGS3230C A Gender and Pop Culture Online 4 D *
WGS3300C A US Women’s History Online 4 HU/H/D

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