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Health Sciences

Health Science

A Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science is awarded to students who complete four years of academic study on campus. For a printable version click here.

Bachelor of Science
Health Science Education Curriculum

Fall 2013

 Freshman Year I

HSC1122 Anatomy & Physiology I (STEM)
CHM 1110 General Chemistry I
RTS 1100 Christianity in Context (RTS)
ENG 1050 Intro to College Writing(FWY)     

Freshman Year II

HSC 1123 Anatomy & Physiology II
CHM 1120 General Chemistry II
MTH 1111 Statistics (STEM, Q)
PHL 1000 Intro to Philosophy (PHL)

Sophomore Year I

BIO 1027 Principles of Biology I
HSC 3302 Intro to Public Health
CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I
Arts & Literature

Sophomore Year II

BIO 1028 Principles of Biology II
HSC 3500 Intro to Nutritional Sciences
CHM 2220 Organic Chemistry II
MTH 1016 Pre-Calculus/MTH 1217Calculus

 Junior Year I

HSC 3303 Clinical Microbiology
PHY 2201 General Physics I
Social Science 1
Historical Studies (or FL)

 Junior Year II

BIO 2018 Genetics
PHY 2202 General Physics II
PHL 2060 Biomedical Ethics
Elective 1

Senior Year I

HSC 4850 or 4810 Internship (X) or  Directed Research I (X)
BIO 3037 Cellular Biochemistry
Elective 2
Foreign Language

Senior Year II

HSC Major Elective
HSC 3336 Pathophysiology
Social Science 2 (D)
Elective 3



Requirements for the minor program in health science include

  • HSC 1122, 1123 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II,
  • three additional HSC courses at the 3000 or 4000 levels.

Students who minor in health sciences will be assigned an advisor from the faculty.