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Meet Your Major: Mathematics

As a mathematics major, you’ll improve your ability to apply mathematical concepts and techniques to real-world problems.

Featuring a dynamic curriculum, the mathematics program will prepare you to recognize and generalize patterns as well as use technology to investigate, understand and apply mathematics.

What You’ll Learn

In the mathematics program, you will:

  • Delve into the heart of mathematics by finding patterns in the world around us, studying them by making conjectures and then improving them.
  • Discover the many applications of math, from planning airline flight routes to understanding how molecules fit together to form chemical bonds.
  • Dive into complex math by taking courses in calculus, algebra, geometry and differential equations.
  • Enhance your problem-solving ability by exploring numerical analysis, modeling, simulation, probability and statistics.
  • Improve your critical-thinking and logical-reasoning skills.

Hands-On Learning

You’ll have the opportunity to take part in internships, co-ops and summer research projects. It’s your chance to get real-world experience at local investment companies, actuarial firms and software companies. Bonus? You can also give back to your community by tutoring elementary school students through the Lawrence Math and Science Partnership. 

Career Options

Upon successful completion of the mathematics program, you’ll be well-equipped to pursue advanced studies or a career in education, industry or government. Positions may include:

  • Accountant
  • Business analyst
  • Estate planner
  • Software engineer
  • Statistician
  • Teacher

What You’ll Take

All mathematics take a combination of required and elective courses to satisfy the 56-credit course requirement.

Required Courses

MTH 1314

Discrete Mathematics

MTH 1217

Calculus I

MTH 1218

Calculus II

MTH 2219

Calculus III

MTH 2220

Differential Equations

MTH 3335

Linear Algebra

MTH 4336

Abstract Algebra

MTH 4343

Real Analysis

CSC 1610

Problem-Solving With Programming

Elective Courses: Choose a total of 12 additional credits at the 2000 level or higher.

MTH 2423

Topics in Geometry

MTH 2527

Probability and Statistics I

MTH 2528

Probability and Statistics II

MTH 2644


MTH 2650

Knot Theory

MTH 3400

Readings in Mathematics

MTH 3623

Topics in Combinatorial Geometry

MTH 3701

Modeling and Simulation

MTH 3725

Numerical Analysis

MTH 4600

Topics in Mathematics

MTH 4623

Applied Analysis

MTH 4645

Complex Analysis

MTH 4800

Directed Study

Note: All students are strongly urged to take additional mathematics electives, study a modern language and take two semesters of a natural science.


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