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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Angeliki (Diane) Rigos, Ph.D.

Associate Professor



Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.B.A., Northeastern University
B.A., Cornell University


  • General Chemistry I & II
  • Chemistry for Engineers
  • Physical Chemistry I & II
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Science and Energy Policy


Ab Initio density functional theory calculations of chromium oxide surfaces and their reactivity in the presence of a solvent; calculations of heme protein low frequency modes measured by femtosecond coherence spectroscopy; energy consulting with a focus on power price forecasting, LNG, fuel cells, and renewable technologies including onshore / offshore wind and solar photovoltaics. 

Selected Publications

  • S. Parker and A.A. Rigos, “Surprising Takeaways From a New Power Market Analysis”, North American Windpower, September (2015).

  • D.A. Rigos, B.L. Shapiro, and R.L. Levitan, “Leaning on Line Pack”, Public Utilities Fortnightly, January, 18 (2011).

  • P. Bisson, G. Parodi, D. Rigos and J.E. Whitten, “Low-cost Raman spectroscopy using a violet diode laser”, Chem. Educator, 11, 1 (2006).

  • S. Petrosyan, A.A. Rigos and T.A. Arias, “Joint density-functional theory: Ab Initio theory of Cr2O3 surface chemistry in solution”,  J. of Phys. Chem B. 109, 15436 (2005).

  • J.A. Cline, A.A. Rigos and T.A. Arias, “Ab Initio Study of Magnetic Structure and Chemical Reactivity of Cr2O3 and its (0001) Surface”, J. of Phys. Chem B 2000, 104, 6195.

  • J.A. Cline, A.A. Rigos and T.A. Arias, “Ab Initio Chemical Methods for Modeling Metal Oxide-Ionic Interactions in Hydrothermal Aqueous Systems”, Paper MMA2.4 in “Steam, Water, and Hydrothermal Systems: Physics and Chemistry Meeting the Needs of Industry”, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on the Properties of Water and Steam, Eds. P.R. Tremaine, P.G. Hill, D.E. Irish, and P.V. Balakrishnan, (NRC Press, Ottowa, 2000).

  • A.A. Rigos and K. Salemme, “Photochemistry and Pinhole Photography: an Interdisciplinary Experiment”, J. Chem. Ed. 1999, 76, 736A.

Selected Presentations

  • Seth Parker, Ellen Cool and Diane Rigos, “Power Market and System Operating Impacts of Solar Development in Massachusetts”, Renewables and Distributed Generation Committee of the New England Energy and Commerce Association, Boston, Massachusetts, March 28, 2012. (webinar, presenters: S. Parker and D. Rigos)

  • Angeliki A. Rigos, “Leaning On Linepack”, Jurisdictional Forum Shopping: Ripples in the Stream, sponsored by the Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies, Illinois State University, Springfield, Illinois, April 21, 2011.

  • Diane A. Rigos, “Safety Issues in LNG Transportation and Storage”, Energy and the Environment, Montreal, Canada, April 27, 2007.

  • Angeliki A. Rigos, “Safety Issues in LNG Transportation and Storage”, Atlantic LNG Summit, Halifax, Canada, November 20, 2006.

  • Sahak Petrosyan, Angeliki Rigos and Tomas Arias, “Density-functional study of chemical reactions at a solid-fluid interface: passivation of the (0001) surface of Cr2O3”, American Physical Society Annual March Meeting, Los Angeles, California, March 21-25, 2005.

  • Angeliki A. Rigos, Sahak Petrosyan and Tomas A. Arias, “Chemical reactivity of (0001) Cr2O3 surface in the presence of an aqueous solution”, 227th ACS National Meeting, Anaheim California, March 28-April 1, 2004.

  • S.A. Petrosyan, A. Rigos and T. Arias, “Environment density functional theory: implicit ab initio approach to physics of solution”, American Physical Society Annual March Meeting, Montreal, Canada, March 22-26, 2004.

  • S.A. Petrosyan, A. A. Rigos, A. Levskaya and T.A. Arias, “ Ab Initio Study of Infinite Surfaces in the Presence of a Solvent”, American Physical Society Annual March Meeting, Austin, Texas, March 3-8, 2003.

  • S.A. Petrosyan, Sohrab Ismail-Beigi, A.A. Rigos and T.A. Arias, “Ab Inition Theory of Solvation”, ES 2002, Fourteenth Annual Workshop on Recent Developments in Electronic Structure Methods, June 6-8, 2002, UC Berkeley Campus, Berkeley, California.

  • C. Beck, A.A. Rigos, B. Barbiellini, G. Csanyi and P. Champion, “DFT Calculations of Low-Frequency Vibrational Modes in Heme Proteins”, American Physical Society Annual March Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana, March  18-22, 2002.

  • A. Rigos, J. Cline, T. AriasJ. Tester and R. Latanision, “First Glimpses of Corrosion on an Atomic Level”, 2000 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Honolulu, Hawaii, Dec 14-19, 2000.  Also Chaired the “Physical and Theoretical” General Session at this meeting.

Volunteer Work

Serve as lead mentor in the energy industry for the MassChallenge start-ups and plan the curriculum/programming for the 12-week competition.  Serve as mentor to the CleanTech start-ups, meeting with them weekly or as needed and attending regular events.  


HERS Leadership Institute Denver 2015




Mendel 326