War and Justice


Dr. Mark Allman is Professor and Chair in the Department of Religious and Theological Studies, as well as faculty associate in the Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations.  He has taught a number of courses including Christian Social Ethics, War & Peace, Religious and Human Experience and Christianity in Context.

Dr. Allman’s research focuses on Just War Theory, a set of questions that have to be asked when trying to decide whether or not countries are justified in using deadly force.  The theory dates back to ancient history with Cicero and Aristotle.  It was the Augustine who brought this thinking into the Christian Church.  Dr. Allman is updating this millennial old tradition for the 21st century in two ways.  First, by looking at how diplomacy, peace making and foreign aid can be used to prevent wars from breaking out.  Secondly, he is looking at post war period to identify what needs to be done to end wars well so that new wars don’t start.

 Dr. Allman is also working on a new book: An Introduction to Christian Ethics, which is based on his teaching of introduction to Christian Ethics for over ten years.   He has a passion for this topic given that it allows him to merge theory, practice and personal life.  A teacher beyond the campus of Merrimack College, his work is very well received. While it is academically rigorous, it is also accessible which is why he was asked to write this as a follow up book to his first book Who Would Jesus Kill? which won the 2009 College Theology Society Book of the Year award.  He teaches for transformative experiences and values experiential learning.  He believes this type of learning transforms the way people see themselves, the world, and God.

In 2011 Dr. Allman was awarded the Teacher of the Year award at Merrimack College.  He has written numerous books, articles and chapters.  He currently serves as co-editor of the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics.