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Graduate Tuition and Fees

Graduate Tuition and Fees

Our affordable master’s degree programs and graduate certificates deliver exceptional value. Weigh the costs and benefits here.

Maximize the Return on Your Educational Investment

All of Merrimack College’s graduate programs are highly competitive in an academic sense. They’re even more competitive when it comes to tuition.

Compare our costs to those of academically comparable graduate programs, and decide for yourself. Merrimack’s affordable graduate programs reflect our commitment to making high-caliber education accessible to everyone. In addition to low tuition, we help you afford a master’s degree or graduate certificate by offering:

  • Exceptional scholarships and fellowships that may reduce your tuition by as much as 100 percent
  • Accelerated programs that you can complete in one year or less for many disciplines
  • Online and hybrid degree options with discounted tuition
  • Evening and weekend classes that allow you to work full-time while you’re earning a master’s degree or graduate certificate
  • Accessible financial aid programs
  • Interest-free payment plans to help you fit graduate tuition into your budget

Merrimack has a long tradition of inclusive education. If you’re committed to earning a master’s degree or graduate certificate, we’ll work with you to try to eliminate the financial hurdles. Contact our graduate admission team to get the conversation started.

Graduate Tuition at Merrimack College

Fall and Spring Courses*
Within the first 15 days of the term (Fall through 9/12/22; Spring through 1/31/23)Full refund
After the 15th day of the termNo refund

Below, you’ll find basic information about tuition and fees for master’s degrees and graduate certificates. Your specific costs may be lower if you qualify for a fellowshipscholarship, graduate student loan or other forms of financial aid.

2022 – 2023 Graduate Program Tuition (per credit hour) 
Graduate (all programs unless specified below)$1028

Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice


Master of Science in Athletic Training*


Master of Science in Product Management (online)


Master of Public Administration and Affairs (online)


Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS – online)

Certificate in Community-Based Nonprofit Leadership (online)

Certificate in Diversity, Equity and Social Change (online)

Certificate in Independent School Leadership (online)

Master of Education in Community Engagement (online or on-campus)

Master of Education in Higher Education

Master of Education in Teacher Education (on-campus)


Certificate in Interfaith Spirituality

Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Certificate in Spirituality and Work (online)

Master of Arts in Spirituality

Master of Arts in Spiritual Direction


Master of Science in Accounting (online)

Master of Science in Business Analytics (online)

Master of Science in Computer Science (online)

Master of Science in Management** (online or hybrid)


Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (online)


Master of Science in Data Science (online)


Master of Education in Teacher Education (online)


Certificate in Catholic School Leadership


Please note: There is a $98 fee per online course.

*Two athletic training classes (8 credits) will be charged at the graduate rate of $1028.

** In the Master of Science in Management, any core courses taken on-campus will be charged at the same tuition rate as credits completed online.

 Student Fees for Master’s Degrees and Graduate Certificates
Comprehensive Fee 1 to 8 credit hours*$263
Comprehensive Fee 9 or more credit hours*$493
Police Academy Fee ** (per semester)$2,360

* Does not apply to online programs
** Applies only to those enrolled in the M.S. in Criminology & Criminal Justice program who are also enrolled in the Merrimack College Police Academy

Parking Fee

Per semester

Fall and Spring 2022 – 2023
Graduate (Fall $70, Spring $70) $140 Annually

Refund Policy

Fall and Spring Courses*
Within the first 15 days of the term Full refund
After the 15th day of the term   No refund

* Winter and summer session courses are provided through Professional Studies.

Please note that there are no refunds for tuition or any fees (comprehensive fee) nor a refund on room and board in the event that Merrimack College determines, at its sole discretion, that it must shut down and transition to remote learning. 


By registering for classes, students acknowledge and agree that Merrimack College reserves the right to modify all aspects of its programming (educational, both in-person and remote; extracurricular; and any other programs currently available, or created over the course of the 2022-2023 academic year) at its sole discretion, and in response to orders of civil authority or as a result of COVID-19 or other causes outside of its control. Further, students acknowledge that in the event of any changes the College deems necessary, tuition and fees and room and board are set for the year and will not be adjusted or refunded.

Financial aid is available from federal, state and Merrimack sources to help meet these costs.


The notice of withdrawal must be in writing; refunds will be granted according to the date of receipt of the notice by the divisional office, not by the date on the letter of withdrawal. Therefore, it is advisable to fax, e-mail or file withdrawals in person at the Registrar’s Office, and not rely upon mail service. Refunds for recipients of Title IV federal assistance, will receive refunds according to the Title IV policy published in the Merrimack College catalog.

Please note: Withdrawal dates may vary for online programs.

Comprehensive Fees**

Comprehensive fees help the College to provide students with a variety of services which enhance their academic and student life experiences. Fees provide access to services such as:

  • McQuade library (including online access).
  • Fully equipped fitness center and inside track.
  • Campuswide Wi-Fi.
  • Center for Academic Enrichment, which provides a wide range of opportunities to students wishing to enhance their academic performance.
  • Free tickets to Merrimack College athletic events, including hockey games.
  • Career Services, which includes career fairs and panels, job-search workshops, on-campus interviews and extensive one-on-one counseling to help students pursue employment of graduate study goals. Also included are cooperative education and internship opportunities.
  • Free printing up to 1,000 pages each academic year.
  • Discounted ticket purchases for events at the Roger Center for the Arts.
  • Participation in intramurals/recreation, club sports, clubs/organizations, social and educational programs, and Greek life.
  • Hamel Health Center, which provides medical, psychological and health-education services (for access, students must fill out a health form).