Parking Appeals

If you wish to appeal a parking ticket, please complete and print this form (doc), and bring it to the Police Department with the parking ticket.


If you wish to file a complaint against the department or one of its employees, please complete and print this form (pdf). You must sign and return the form within 30 days of the incident. Forms are also available in the front lobby of the Police Department.

Campus Security Authority Reports

Campus security authorities are federally mandated to report to the Merrimack College Police Department, within 24 hours, allegations of Clery Act crimes of which they are made aware. If you have difficulty accessing this form, please sign in with your Merrimack email, and access will be provided.

Police Detail Requests

Police details are required at all Merrimack events where alcohol will be served or sold, all college-sponsored events where expected attendance is 100 people and all noncollege-sponsored events where expected attendance is 50 people. Please complete and submit this form at least 21 days prior to the event.

Phone Numbers  

5911 (internally)

5555 (internally)

Anonymous Tip Line 
5777 (internally)

TTY Relay
See instructions