Master of Education in Teacher Education

Elementary Education (1-6)

Elementary Education

The graduate program in Elementary Education prepares candidates to work in grades 1-6. Through coursework and field experiences, students develop an understanding of subject matter knowledge, curriculum design, instructional strategies, observation and assessment, communication, and collaboration with families and the community. 

Completion of a teacher education program is one of the requirements for initial licensure from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  Applicants will undergo a review to determine whether they can demonstrate subject-matter knowledge for an initial license in Elementary Education.

Beginning September 1, 2016, new students will follow the prescribed program listed below in conjunction with advisor approval. Students enrolled in the program prior to this date must meet with their advisor to review the remaining courses in their program.

All students meet with an academic advisor to be cleared for registration each semester. 

Elementary Education Teacher Education Program


Suggested sequence of courses.

Course Title Credits

ED 5740G

ED 6500G

Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms

Pre-Practicum Field-Based Experience I



ED 5720G Foundations of Language and Reading 4

ED 5200G

Reading Strategies and Interventions

GRAD 519 Core Math: Numbers and Operations, Function, Geometry and Algebra 4
ED 5730G Math Methods for the Elementary School (Pre-requisite: GRAD 519) 4
ED 502G Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Science, Health and Physical Education 4
ED 501G Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Social Studies and World Geography 4

ED 582G

Sheltered English Instruction, with field experience
(or alternate elective with evidence of SEI endorsement)


ED 6505G

Pre-Practicum Field Experience II


ED 550G

ED 6510G

Practicum in Elementary Education (1-6)

Practicum Seminar



  • Successful completion of all MTEL exams related to the license
  • Practicum application with advisor permission and signature
  • Attendance at a practicum information session
  • Good academic standing in the graduate program
  • Communications & Literacy Skills (01): Reading and Writing subtests
  • General Curriculum (03): Math and Multi-Subject subtests
  • Foundations of Reading (90)

*Course work and program options are subject to change.

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