Experiential Education

Why Experiential Education?

Learning by Doing

Reading about how to play a piano is not same thing as playing one — and the power of hands-on experience can never be underestimated. This principle is at the root of experiential education at Merrimack College.

Through our countless experiential-education opportunities, you can become more immersed in your major and more fully engaged in not only your studies, but with the world around you as well. Experiential education deepens your learning, broadens your perspective and sharpens your understanding of the connection between classroom theory and real-world practice.

Experiential education is a form of active learning, which specifically places the subject of learning in its broader context, integrating both theory and practice with reflection. It is a learning process through which the learner constructs knowledge, attitudes, skills, competencies and understanding through direct reflective experience.

In short, experiential education is learning by doing! 

Experiential Learning

Can be thought of as any change in a learner’s knowledge, skills, understanding or beliefs as a result of an experience.

Experiential Education

Is a formal program that has experience at its core; it is hands-on, meaningful and substantial.