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School of Science & Engineering

Murray Fellowship

The Paul E. Murray Fund has generously enriched science and engineering education at Merrimack College since the 1980s. The Paul E. Murray Fellowship in Science and Engineering will promote science and engineering research that will lead to enhanced effectiveness in classroom teaching. This objective is to be achieved through support for significant projects of research and study that increase the Fellow’s knowledge in his or her fields and demonstrably add to teaching effectiveness.

The Paul E. Murray Fellowship in the amount of $10,000 will be awarded annually to a member of the Faculty of the School of Science and Engineering beginning in 2001-2002. The Paul. E. Murray Fellow is a competitively selected faculty member. Winning the Murray Fellowship is an honor and a privilege. 

At the end of the grant period, the Paul E. Murray Fellow will submit a report to the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering on the work done under the grant, the results obtained, and the materials and perspectives that will contribute to the education of Merrimack College students. The Fellow will also deliver a lecture to the college community at the annual Paul E. Murray Symposium.


List of Murray Fellows

2016-2017 Dr. David MacLaren
2015-2016 Dr. Jimmy Franco
2014-2015 Dr. Zi Yan, Dr. Michael Corcoran, Dr. Kevin Finn
2013-2014 Dr. Jon Lyon
2012-2013 Dr. Charlotte Berkes
2011-2012 Dr. David MacLaren
2010-2011 Dr. David Toth & Dr. Dana Rowland
2009-2010 Dr. Jack Adams
2008-2009 Dr. Aaron Bradshaw
2007-2008 Dr. Cynthia McGowan
2006-2007 Dr. Anthony Fernandez
2005-2006 Dr. Gregory Sonek
2004-2005 Dr. Thomas Hull
2003-2004 Dr. Janine LeBlanc-Straceski
2001-2002 Dr. Mark Birnbaum
2000-2001 Dr. Josephine Modica-Napolitano

Spotlight: Murray Fellows

2015-2016 Fellow

Dr. Jimmy Franco
Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Dr. Franco, along with two students, undertook a research project to identify treatments for tuberculosis, a disease that currently affects approximately 1/3 of the world’s population. Dr. Franco and his team designed, synthesized, tested, and refined chemical compounds in order to decrease antibiotic resistance. Dr. Franco and his students presented their findings at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in the fall of 2015.



2016-2017 Fellow

 Dr. David MacLaren
Associate Professor of Biology


Dr. MacLaren, along with several undergraduate students, undertook a research project to investigate the effects of metformin exposure on reproductive and aggressive behavior in Siamese fighting fish. Over the summer of 2015 and the 2015-16 academic year, Dr. MacLaren and students spent hours in the lab collecting and analyzing data and behavioral patterns of male nesting behavior and on male aggression towards rival males and females. Deliverables from the project, which is ongoing, were presented at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Animal Behavior Society in the summer of 2016, and will be published in the tier 1 peer reviewed research journal, Physiology and Behavior.