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Degree requirements you can put into practice.

Featuring a combination of dynamic coursework and applied experience, our curriculum will provide you with the ideal mix of technical skills and business insights for your career in engineering management.

Led by faculty with both deep theoretical understanding and practical knowledge, courses feature interactive lectures and group projects to help you build a deeper understanding of business theory and engineering practices.

The Master of Science in Engineering Management degree requires a minimum of 32 credits of course work.

Core Engineering Courses (4 credits)

Choose one:

  • GEN 6004G Engineering Project Management
  • CEN 5050G Construction Planning and Management

Engineering Electives (16 credits):

Choose four*:

  • GEN5001G Systems Engineering
  • GEN6999G-A Decision Analysis
  • GEN6999G-B Optimization
  • Technical Electives: Any GEN, CEN, MEN, EEN, CSC 5000-level or 6000-level course, to be selected with your advisor
  • GEN 6800 Graduate Internship (1 or 4 credit) or GEN 6999 Directed Special Project or Research

Core Management Courses (12 credits)

  • GMGT 5100 Management Planning and Control (4 cr)
  • GMGT 5160 Marketing Analysis & Decision-Making (4 cr)
  • GMGT 5920 Leading Effective Teams (2 cr)


Choose one:

  • GMGT 5120 World Class Operations (2 cr)
  • GMGT 5930 Leading Organizational Change (2 cr)
  • GMGT 5140 Effective Managerial Communication (2 cr)
  • GMGT 5212 Global Business/Economy (2 cr)