Avery Lapis

Avery Lapis

History & Secondary Education, Class of 2025

History Major Finds Community At Merrimack

Avery was a recent transfer student who committed to Merrimack after her time spent at an institution in a bigger city left her wanting more of a community. “I knew as soon as I stepped foot onto the campus during a campus tour that I felt at home and that this was the place for me. I also chose Merrimack for its incredible academic programs. The School of Arts & Sciences has an amazing history program, and I was really drawn by the variety and intensity of the courses offered.”

“An important lesson that a faculty member has taught me is to have pride and confidence in my work and academic ability. In one of my courses, I was really struggling with a paper and I had no confidence in my ability to complete the assignment. I went to office hours with the professor and they encouraged me to take more pride in my work and to recognize my true academic abilities. Engaging in that conversation with my professor really changed my academic mindset and sense then I have been able to be more confident with my work and acknowledge my academic strengths.”

I chose to attend Merrimack for the attentive campus community. I transferred to Merrimack from a large city school and the close-knit campus was what drew me to Merrimack.”

Avery is an active student on campus, participating in the student educators association of Massachusetts at Merrimack (SEAM). She has also participated in the student ambassador program, and currently serves on the executive board for that program. “Merrimack College has supported me throughout my college career by offering incredible support services. Whether that be advising, health services, professors, or numerous other things, I have never felt alone at Merrimack. Every question I have had has been answered, and my professors know my name and have actively engaged in helping me become a better student. Everyone faculty member on this campus is invested in their students’ success, and it is clear that one of the main goals of the entire college community is to support students.”