Compass Program

Welcome to the Compass Program!

Merrimack’s Compass Program supports students in their transition to college by providing opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Designed to set students on the path to success, the Compass Program creates a personalized learning community experience with a powerful network of support, academic coaching and dedicated professors.

Best Fit For Success

Merrimack’s Admission Committee reviews all aspects of an applicant’s admission materials to identify promising candidates for the program. Students selected exhibit the following qualities:

  • An academic record that shows promise, potential and dynamic experiences.
  • A demonstrated willingness to build skills and knowledge.
  • A commitment to working closely with instructors as they challenge you throughout the program.

Compass Program Benefits

One-and-one coaching

One-on-one academic coaching allows first years to explore the different opportunities on campus to enhance your major and personal goals.

Upper Class Peer Mentors

Upperclass peer mentors assist first year Compass students with everything from college advice to tutoring support.

Compass Learning Spaces

The Compass Program has dedicated learning spaces specifically for classes, studying and group work.

Dedicated Compass Faculty

Dedicated Compass professors teach skills for living a purposeful life, including tools that help students navigate professional and personal settings.

Individualized Instruction

Small cohort classes allow Compass students to receive individualized instruction from our dedicated Compass professors.

Group Cohort Meetings

Regular, small group cohort meetings help students build their network and make friends on campus.

Your First Year At-A-Glance

Each semester, students take two Compass Program courses that meet the general education
curriculum requirements all students must fulfill, as well as two courses in their major.

1st Semester Example:

  1. Compass Class: Mindset, Self and Expression
  2. Compass Class First Year Writing
  3. General Education Requirement
  4. Course in your major

2nd Semester Example:

  1. Compass Class Conflict Resolution
  2. Compass Class Reading & Writing Intensive
  3. Course in your major
  4. Course in your major

The courses taken during your first year as part of the Compass Program count towards the 32
credits that are needed to fulfill Merrimack’s general education requirements.

These courses help you build towards the timely completion of your degree, prepare you for
higher-level courses in your major and set you up for long-term success as a dynamic and skilled professional.

The Compass suite is on the third floor of McQuade Library, across from the elevator.

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Contact Us

Kelley Bateman
Director, Compass Program

Lindsay Tavano '23

Compass Student
Major: Business Administration

“From the moment I came to summer orientation it was clear there was an army of support surrounding me in the Compass Program. I built fast connections with staff I still utilize to this day, was greeted by intelligent professors who taught me skills I will never forget, and most importantly made the best friends I could ever ask for. While facing so many changes, at such a dynamic time of my life, Compass was the foundation I had longed for.”

Neil Lodi '21

Compass Student
Major: Business Administration

““During my time here, I loved Merrimack for the sense of community and how friendly everyone was on campus. The Compass Program changed my way of thinking and taught me how to become a good student.”

Laurel Barbosa

Laurel Barbosa '23

Compass Student
Major: Human Services and Human Development

“The Compass Program is what inspired me to attend Merrimack! I am so thankful for all the support the program has given me. The best part has been developing better time management skills and forming friendships with other students in the program.”