Compass Program

Finding Your Direction

Today, many students need additional support to have a successful college experience and persist to graduation.

With this in mind, Compass was created to support you in your freshman year, and direct you for long-term success through graduation and beyond.

In the Compass Program, our goal is to provide the skills and knowledge you need to live up to your full potential. You bring the interest in learning; we provide the direction and support. 

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The Compass Commitment

The program offers you:

  • Academic workshops geared towards meeting college-level expectations.
  • Cohort courses capped at 15 students.
  • Thirty-two college credits that count toward completion of general education and major requirements.
  • Lab time with guided support for the cohort course work .
  • Coordinated support services and referrals.
  • One-on-one academic counseling.
  • An opportunity for self-cultivation.
  • Help navigating the Merrimack community and finding your fit at school.
  • Supportive and caring faculty, staff and mentors.
  • Student advocacy.
  • Growth, both academically and personally.

You commit to:

  • Working hard and reaching your full potential.
  • Regular contact with your academic counselor.
  • Participation in community meetings, academic workshops and special events.
  • Meetings with your professors during their office hours.
  • Regular attendance in your courses and compliance with each professor’s syllabus requirements.
  • Use of the Writing Center to get help with papers.
  • Attendance at math workshops and use of the Math Center.
  • Respectful behavior toward all members of the community.
  • Personal responsibility for your academic progress.
  • Adherence of the academic standards of Merrimack College.

As a Compass student, you will spend your first year immersed in an intensive curriculum of both core and introductory courses for your intended major. The courses taken during your freshman year (32 credits total) are structured to fulfill Merrimack’s general education requirements, prepare you for your major and set you up for success.

Upon successful completion of your freshman year, you will be fully matriculated as a sophomore into your desired academic program, having built the networks, study skills, academic competencies and friendships needed for college success.

The Compass suite is on the third floor of McQuade Library, across from the elevator.

Contact Us

Kelley Bateman
Director, Compass Program