Minor in English

To minor in English, you must take the following five courses:

ENG 2050 Introduction to Literary Studies
Plus these courses:
  • One 3000-level or higher course before 1800
  • One 3000-level or higher course after 1800
  • Two open electives at the 3000-level or higher
FYW 1050 Introduction to College Writing

Note: One course at the 2000 level or below, exclusive of FYW 1050, may count as an English elective if taken before the end of the junior year or before the completion of a total of 24 courses.

Minor in Visual Storytelling

The visual storytelling minor is an interdisciplinary minor offered by the department of English and department of visual and performing arts. The minor integrates art, storytelling and technology, introducing students to the field of creative visual storytelling using interdisciplinary methodologies.

It weaves design, illustration and narrative analysis, providing students with a solid foundation in graphic design and narration-plus cinematic, digital and traditional illustration techniques as well as various approaches to storytelling for creative visual presentation.

The minor requires the completion of a minimum of 18 credits, with a minimum of five courses chosen from the list below and distributed so that at least two are English courses and at least two are FAA courses.

ENG 2100 History of FIlm
ENG 2770 Literature and FIlm
ENG 3880 Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG 3900 Michael Jackson: Reading the King of Pop as Cultural Text
FAA 2220

Cartooning and Illustration

FAA 2230 Layout Analysis and Construction
FAA 2240 Image Making and Meaning
FAA 2250 Movie Making
FAA 3840 2D Animation