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Religious & Theological Studies

Religious & Theological Studies

Religious and theological studies at Merrimack College investigate the meaning and purpose of life through a study of Christianity and other religious traditions.

As a department at a Catholic and Augustinian institution of higher education, we ensure that students encounter the richness of the Catholic spiritual, intellectual and ecclesial tradition in the course of their study, and that they are introduced to the life, thought and influence of Saint Augustine.

Religious and theological studies enable students to engage in the appreciative and intellectually rigorous (critical) study of the single most powerful feature of human life: Religion.  The Department offers a comprehensive program that not only investigates many aspects of Christianity, but also provides opportunities for the study of other religions. 

Religious and theological studies at Merrimack College enable students to

  • Understand the world around them by analyzing the religious influences in history, politics and economics.
  •  Explore the most pressing ethical issues of the day, as well as the psychological and sociological forces that shape the human search for meaning.
  • Develop analytical and writing skills, as well as a cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of the diversity of American culture.      
  • Attain a better understanding of themselves, their values and what ultimately makes them happy and fulfilled.

Because religion addresses these most basic questions, it also involves controversial topics. By becoming a religious and theological studies major or minor one engages some of the most exhilarating ideas, persons, and movements in all of human history.  The ideas, readings and conversations encourage one to reflect on the meaning and direction of one’s own life and relationship to the eternal.  

Opportunities include a major with emphasis in religious studies, a major with emphasis in theological studies, a general minor in religious and theological studies, and specialized minor in Science and Religion and minor in Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations.

All students who enrolled at Merrimack College prior to the Fall of 2012 are required to pass eight (8) credits of religious and theological studies courses as follows:

As of Fall 2012 all incoming students are required to pass the following four (4) credit course: RTS1100 Christianity in Context

Many religious and theological studies courses fulfill the Liberal Studies Core requirements such as Arts and Literature (AL), Ethics (E), Cultural Diversity (D), Experiential Learning (X), and Historical Studies (H).

Departmental Contact Information:

Department of Religious Studies,
Room 107 Cushing Hall, mail stop box C-2. Tel: x5166

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