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Religious and Theological Studies

Science and Religion Minor

Religion and science are two of the most powerful influences on human society and culture, and so it is a major premise of this interdisciplinary minor that achieving basic literacy in both areas is desirable for anyone who wishes to understand contemporary Western society. But this minor goes further in that it encourages students to investigate the variety of ways one can think about how these two areas of human activity are related to each other.

The minor in science & religion will require the completion of a minimum of 18 credits and a minimum of five courses as stipulated below.

  1.  One required course: RTS 2700 Science and Religion
  2. Two Science courses:  Students in this minor must take one course from each of two of the following departments: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.
  3. Two electives from the following list (only one can be in ethics/values):
  • RTS 3780 Evolution and Creation
  • RTS 2950 Ethics in the Abrahamic Tradition 
  • RTS 3030 Humans, Earth, & the Sacred: Religion & the Environment
  • PHL 2060 Biomedical Ethics 
  • PHL 2070 Environmental Ethics 
  • PHL 2090 Values in a Technological Culture
  • PHL 3050 Philosophy of Science 

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Joseph Kelley

Co-Chair and Professor, 
Religious & Theological Studies



Warren Kay

Co-Chair and Professor, 
Religious & Theological Studies