Powerful Influences

The science and religious minor, as its name suggests, is designed to give you insight into the two most powerful influences on human society and culture: science and religion. 

These studies give you more than the basic literacy necessary to understand contemporary Western society, enabling you to investigate the variety of ways to think about how these two areas of human activity are related to each other.

You are required to complete a minimum of 18 credits and a minimum of five courses, including:

Required Course (one course)

RTS 2700 Science and Religion

Science Courses (two courses)

Choose one course from each of two of the following departments:  Biology, Chemistry or Physics

Electives (two courses)

RTS 2820 Bioethics and Healthcare: Theological Approaches
RTS 2950 Ethics in the Abrahamic Tradition 
RTS 3030 Humans, Earth and the Sacred: Religion and the Environment
RTS 3780 Charles Darwin, Evolution and Creationsim
PHL 2060 Biomedical Ethics 
PHL 2070 Environmental Ethics 
PHL 2090 Values in a Technological Culture
PHL 3030 Global Justice

 only one course can be in ethics/values.