Jessica L. Rich

Academic Title

  • Assistant Professor, Communication and Media

Additional Titles

  • Joint Faculty in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Program

Administrative Support

  • Environmental Communication
  • Organizational Communication

My research examines how workers and communities respond to and participate in environmental conflict. Specifically, I study conflicts over oil and gas drilling in the United States to examine professional identity and stigma in fossil fuel industries, human-nature interactions and environmental decision-making processes.

  • Ph.D. Communication University of North Carolina
  • M.S. Communications Ithaca College
  • B.A. English Ohio State University
  • Environmental Decision-Making
  • Environmental Justice
  • Work, Labor and Collectivity
  • Communication and Nonprofit Organizing
  • Environmental Communication
  • Gender and Communication
  • Persuasion and Social Influence

Rich, J. L. (2016). “Drilling Is Just the Beginning: Romanticizing Rust Belt identities in the Campaign for Shale Gas.” Environmental Communication, 10(3), 292-304.