Paul J. Antonellis, Jr.

Academic Title

  • Lecturer, Human Resource Management

Administrative Support

  • Employment Screening Process
  • Employment Screening & Tattoos
  • Utilization of Action Research in Organizations

My area of interest in research utilizes qualitative Action Research surrounding the employment screening process. Action research is more practice-based as it involves implementing an intervention to improve an organizational problem and it tends to complement the challenges often faced by human resource managers.

  • Ed.D. Leadership and Management Capella University
  • M.A. Labor Policy Studies Empire State College
  • B.S. Fire Service Administration Empire State College
  • (MGT 3351) Human Resource Management
  • (MGT 3360) Advanced Human Resource Management
  • (BUS 1100) Introduction to Business
  • (BUS 1100H) Introduction to Business – Honors
  • (MGT 4900) Leadership & Resiliency

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