Mayreni Villegas


  • Graduate Ambassador, M.Ed. Community Engagement Fellowship Program

Contact Information

Mayreni Villegas is a graduate student for the School Education and Public Policy in the Community Engagement Program. Mayreni received her undergrad degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell after completing her associate’s degree from Northern Essex Community College.

Mayreni is now a graduate fellow at Northern Essex Community College in the Early College Program. As a graduate fellow, Mayreni working on two major projects: (1) Assisting with a designation grant for Haverhill High School to be able to send more students to NECC to receive college credits while in high school and (2) working on a marketing campaign for the early college program.

The community engagement master’s program along with the fellowship is an opportunity that Mayreni is really appreciative of since her career goal is to help lessen the education achievement gap.