Jennifer Conners


  • Graduate Ambassador, M.S., Civil Engineering Program

Contact Information

Jennifer Conners is a transportation engineer employed at Vanasse & Associates, Inc (VAI) a transportation engineer firm located in Andover, MA. She is a 2015 graduate from Pitagoras College in Brazil, where she received in 2015 a BS in Civil Engineering. She started her carrier at VAI in 2016 as a CAD designer utilizing her extension CAD background. With her expressed interest in transportation engineering, she was promoted to transportation engineer in 2018. She has assisted in numerous traffic studies for major residential developments, office parks, retail developments, and restaurants within the greater New England area.

Currently, she is working on her master’s degree in the Civil Engineering program at Merrimack College. She believes that the future of the technology in the transportation field is promising with autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles and smart cities, and in the next few years, this new era of automation will rise even more into the society.