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Michael Stroud

Assistant Professor of Psychology



B.S., Biopsychology, University of California,Santa Barbara | M.A., Psychological Science, California State University, Chico | Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


  • PSY 1000: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 1100 (W): Psychological Inquiry and Methodology
  • PSY 3120: Cognitive Psychology with Lab

Professional Experience

My research interests are focused on exploring both basic and applied questions within visual attention and the science of teaching and learning.  My primary area of research revolves around the question of why it is often difficult to search for multiple objects at once.  This question, as well how we mentally represent objects during visual search, is best revealed through monitoring eye movements during various visual search tasks.  By understanding the basic question of how we represent objects to guide search, we may better understand more critical applied research questions like how to improve visual search for airport security screeners, radiological detection of tumors, etc.  

My secondary area of research is devoted to investigating projects in applied cognitive and educational research.  Specifically, what are the most effective ways to present materials to students to foster the greatest level of learning and comprehension. I am co-director, along with Raymond Shaw of the Context, Attention, Memory, and Perception (CAMP).

View more information about CAMP as well as current and past students and research projects.

Michael Stroud, Ph.D. curriculum vitae


Selected Publications and Conference Proceedings

Hardway C. & Stroud, M.J., (in press). Using student choice to increase students’ knowledge of research methodology, improve their attitudes toward research, and promote acquisition of professional skills. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. 

Menneer, T., Stroud, M.J., Cave, K.R., Li, X., Godwin, H., Liversedge, S., & Donnelly N. (2012) Search for Two Categories of Target Produces Fewer Fixations to Target-color Items, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. 18(4), 404 - 418.

Stroud, M.J., Cave, K.R., Menneer, T., & Donnelly, N. (2012).  Why is it difficult to search for two colors at once?  How eye movements can reveal the nature of representations during multi-target search. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.  38(1), 113 - 122. 

Stroud, M. J., Menneer, T., Cave, K. R., Donnelly, N., & Rayner, K. (2011).  Search for multiple targets: Misguided eye movements reveal a reduction of color selectivity, Applied Cognitive Psychology. 25(6), 971 - 982.

Stroud, M. J., & Schwartz, N.H.  (2010). Summoning Prior Knowledge Through Metaphorical Graphics: An Example in Chemistry Instruction, Journal of Educational Research. 103, 351 – 366.  

Williams, C. W., Pollatsek, A., Cave, K.R., & Stroud, M. J. (2009). More than just finding color: strategy in global visual search is shaped by learned target probabilities.  Journal or Experimental Psychology:  Human Perception and Performance, 35(3),  688 – 699.

Rayner, K., Reichle, E., Stroud, M. J., Williams, C. W., & Pollatsek, A. (2007). The effect of word frequency, word predictability, and font difficulty on the eye movements of young and elderly readers, Psychology and Aging, 21(3), 448 – 465.

Schwartz, N. H., Stroud, M.J., Lee, T.R., Scott, B.M. & McGee,S. (2006).  Enhancing Hypermedia Learning though Metaphorical Priming.  Journal of Education Computing Research, 35(1), 1 – 30. 

Recent Conference Presentations

Mercier, D., Orlando, A., Stroud, M.J., Shaw, R.J., & Hardway, C.L. (March, 2013). Generate a Test: Generating Test Questions Improves Long-Term Retention. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, New York, NY. 

Garguilo, E., Stroud, M.J., & Shaw, R.J., (March, 2013). The relationship between casual video game playing and a subsequent attention task. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, New York, NY.

Hardway, C.L. & Stroud, M. (October, 2012). Study of student life: Using group and individual research to enhance students’ professional development. Poster presentation at the Northeastern Conference for Teachers of Psychology, Worcester, MA. 

Botto, J., Shaw, R., & Stroud, M. (2012). Revisiting Stroop: Do typeface and color/word manipulations rely on similar underlying processes? Poster presented at the annual meeting for the Association for Psychological Science, Chicago, Ill.

Cremone, A., Shaw, R., & Stroud, M., (2012). Toward a new theory of release from proactive interference. Poster presented at the annual meeting for the Association for Psychological Science, Chicago, Ill.

Ricker, S., Stroud, M., & Shaw, R. (2012). Traditional paper text or electronic text: Which is better? Poster presented at the annual meeting for the Association for Psychological Science, Chicago, Ill.

Stroud, M.J.,  Kaplan, E., Menneer, T., Cave, K., Donnelly, N., (May, 2011).  A color in working memory does not become a search target, but it does interfere with color search.  Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society, Naples Florida. 

Stroud, M.J.,  Menneer, T., Kaplan, E., Cave, K., & Donnelly, N. (November, 2011). What does it take to guide search for a range of colors?  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Seattle Washington.

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Phone: (978) 837 - 3558


Sullivan Hall, 307