Felicia Fishel '21

Graphic Design Major

A Proposed Olympics: Puerto Rico 2032

A speculative 2032 Summer Games hosted by Puerto Rico to promote the concepts of statehood, culture, and life. My project explores these concepts through identity development and branding of these proposed Games.

My capstone project wishes to activate a discussion into the relationship between the U.S. and Puerto Rico. More specifically, in regards to the handling of the devastation of the island and the slow action by the U.S. to help one of their own begin to rebuild.

As I more deeply explore this hypothetical scenario of hosting the 2032 Olympics in Puerto Rico, I wish to consider what makes my project different from others. Indeed, I would not be the first to develop an Olympic branding campaign as a student Graphic Design Project. But my proposal works to highlight deeper questions—around statehood, inclusion, culture, and life that often gets lost in translation. Beyond this I hope to explore how the senses that make up the world around us can, or should, be included under the umbrella of brand design. Lastly, I hope to explore how design and branding can serve to make people wonder about the world around them and to use design to inspire, provoke, entertain, resonate, and of course to be of utility. Design for inclusion, design for participation, design that challenges norms, thoughts, beliefs. How can design be used to both signify, but also as a tool for questioning the world around us? This project explores these questions alongside the development of a high caliber brand identity system and style guide to support a speculative 2032 Summer Games in Puerto Rico.

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