Ashlyn Gonzales

M.S., Health and Wellness Management, 2022
Current Job: People Operations Coordinator

Overcoming “Impostor Syndrome” with a Merrimack Graduate Degree

An alumna of Merrimack ’s graduate program in health and wellness management, Ashlyn Gonzales is currently the People Operations Coordinator at Hearth, an Austin, Texas technology company that helps over 10,000 home improvement contractors grow and manage their business. While completing her master’s program, she was also earning her Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN) credential, doing her Dietetic Internship through Wellness Workdays, with which Merrimack offers an integrated Master of Science/Dietetic Internship Program.

Ashlyn credits the Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management for setting her up for success. She said, “Merrimack taught me to leave the “imposter syndrome” behind.”

“Earning my master’s degree from Merrimack College has not only given me credibility that I am the best of the best in my field, but also confidence in myself.”

Ashlyn passed her Registered Dietician Examination on the first try, and her ultimate aim is to become a VP / Director of Health and Wellness. “My master’s degree will help me achieve my goals because I learned how to build project plans, come up with health initiatives for specific populations, and analyze data that I have collected, all of which sets me apart from my peers.”

For prospective students considering a health sciences graduate program, Ashlyn advises that the effort of earning a master’s degree pays off:

“Is it a lot of work? Yes. Is it worth it? 110%. You won’t regret learning from the amazing professors, getting real-world experience and discovering your passion in the corporate world.”