Student & Alumni Profiles

Student & Alumni Spotlights

Merrimack College’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences aims to focus developing practitioners and others who help our community through research and education. Hear from some current students and recent alumni. 

Athletic Training 3+2 Student Profiles

Athletic Training 3+2 Program, Class of 2027

After researching and visiting countless schools I found my home the second I stepped foot on Merrimack’s campus.”

Athletic Training 3+2 Program
Personal Trainer
Merrimack Campus Fitness & Recreation

Merrimack has given me a great skill set as a clinician to be able to provide the best possible care to my patients and clients.”

Exercise Science Student Profiles

Exercise Science, Class of 2024
F45 North Andover

I chose Merrimack because of the level of education and opportunities that were available within the Exercise Science program.”

Exercise Science, Class of 2024

Merrimack’s class size allows for genuine connections with your professors, which helped me do well in the classroom.”

Exercise Science, Class of 2024

Taking so many major-specific courses has made it easy for me to apply the educational skills in a practical setting.”

Exercise Science & Psychology, Class of 2024

My education at Merrimack was able to lay the groundwork and provide me a basic understanding of psychological theories, as well as fundamental human anatomy and physiology.”

Exercise Science Alumni Profiles

Exercise Science & Business Administration, Class of 2023
Graduate Student, Exercise and Nutrition Science Master's Program
University of Tampa

“This (undergraduate) degree has allowed me to continue on to graduate school, where I am in classes that are building off of the solid foundation Merrimack gave me. My first step at Merrimack has laid the groundwork for a successful career path.”

Exercise Science
Physician Assistant Student
Sacred Heart University

“I was fortunate to have amazing professors and mentors throughout my time at Merrimack. Jessica Peacock and Andy Cannon were two people who helped guide me in my career path. Being involved on a team, I was supported by my teammates and we would push each other, both on and off the field.”

Exercise Science

Earning my bachelor in Exercise Science has given me many experiences and opportunities for future success and career opportunities.”

Exercise Science
Merrimack College Athletic Training Master's Degree Program

I chose to attend Merrimack for Athletic Training and Sports Management specifically because of their close affiliations with well-known organizations in the Boston area!”

Exercise Science
Inpatient Physician Therapist
Massachusetts General Hospital

I chose to attend Merrimack after attending the open house where I got the chance to experience what it would be like pursuing my degree in exercise science, along with what opportunities the School of Health Sciences provided for their students.”

Exercise Science
Student Athletic Trainer
Northeastern Men's Ice Hockey

Merrimack stood out among other programs given it’s accelerated pace and emphasis on clinical application.”

Health Science Student Profiles

B.S., Health Science, 2024

“The first time I toured Merrimack in high school, everything clicked. Merrimack felt like the college I wanted to grow at where no other college did. The community created at Merrimack is so welcoming to everyone and there are so many clubs, organizations, and events to help you find your thing.”

B.S., Health Science, 2026

I chose to attend Merrimack because of the closer-knit campus and class size. Being at a school where you can have a connection with your professors and fellow students is really beneficial.”

B.S., Health Science, 2024

“I have had experience working at both OT Works for Kidz, located in Windham, NH. It was such an amazing experience – Amy and Laurie along with their crew of OT ,SLPS and PTS are amazing to learn from!”

B.S, Health Science, 2025

At Merrimack, I wasn’t just a face in a crowd. Here, staff and faculty cared to know who I was as a student and as a person. Within my first couple of weeks, the advising team knew what my goals, aspirations, and interests were, and have since done nothing but support me in my path to achieving them.”

Health Science Alumni Profiles

B.S., Health Science, M.S., Exercise & Sport Science
Doctorate of Occupational Therapy Student
University of Vermont

“I decided to attend Merrimack after meeting their health science faculty & staff. I was greeted with excitement from the faculty & staff which made me excited to learn.”

B.S., Health Science
ICU Nurse
University of Massachusetts Memorial Health

Earning my bachelor’s degree from Merrimack gave me the knowledge and confidence to go out and receive an additional degree in the field of nursing.”

B.S., Health Science
Certified Nursing Assistant
Sturdy Health

I chose to attend Merrimack College for my undergraduate studies as the College had the most welcoming community. It was the perfect fit for me and it felt like a very comfortable campus when I toured the school.”

Rehabilitation Sciences Student Profiles

Rehabilitation Sciences, Class of 2025

I chose to attend Merrimack because of the ability to get to know your professors and peers in such a personalized atmosphere.”

Rehabilitation Sciences, Class of 2024

I chose Merrimack because of the diverse health science programs they have to offer, as well as their tight-knit community.”

Rehabilitation Sciences Alumni Profiles

Rehabilitation Sciences
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

I chose Merrimack because of the welcoming environment and close-knit community. I was also committed to the volleyball program which had just transferred to Division One.”