Trym Kyvåg, Class of 2024

Trym Kyvåg

Mathematics & Computer Science, Class of 2024

International Student Finds Success At Merrimack

Trym is a current senior at Merrimack College with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science. Originally from Norway, Trym decided to come to the United States for his college education and found a second home within Merrimack. “After talking to former alumni, I decided this was the place for me.” Trym is also on the men’s soccer team, having played in all seventeen games in the 2022 season.

During his time at Merrimack, Trym has gained a tremendous amount of experience through his internships. “I had two internships for a Norwegian Tech company named “Tunable”. My first year I worked with automating that data processing and machine learning workflows Tunable use to train spectroscopic models for our analyzers. The work ranged from scripting in bash and programming in python, to configuring Jenkins pipelines. The main result was a Jenkins pipeline that successfully automated the workflow and which they build upon today. My second year was more data science oriented and I created tools for testing and development. By setting up tools for comparing results and models, Tunable could easily compare previous models to new experiments and complex data was easily visualized.”

I wanted to go to the United States to combine soccer and academics at a high level.”

“The full support I have received from coaches, professors and others at Merrimack have been amazing. There are so many systems in place to make sure everyone excels.” A lesson Trym has learned from our faculty and staff is the importance of failing, and how that is a part of the learning process.